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Goals and Positivity with the talented Singer Monica Roze!

Thank you for taking this interview! Who inspires you to make music? I inspire myself, honestly. What are your favorite songs to listen to? My favorite songs to listen to are jazz music! What is a goal for you when it comes to singing? My goal is to influence the world and help people! I also want people to enjoy my music of course. I use a lot of reverse psychology in my music so pay close attention! I also feel like people need to pay attention to the music around them and what they're listening to. Not everything is good and not everything is bad. There is music that has been put in society that I'm not so proud of so I just sing and sing to make that difference. Give us your social media and ways to listen to your music! Instagram@Monicarozeissweet777

Youtube@Monica Roze Facebook@Monica Roze Thank you again! Leave us with some positivity!

I want you to know that you're not the only one that has issues or that wakes up in the morning feeling down. We all go through something, we all have those days. We were born too. I just want to make songs for people to change the world. And you can too!

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