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Get to Know The Talent of Produced By a Girl!

Hello! Lovely to speak with you today!

Lovely to speak with you too!

What have you been working on lately?

Produced by a Girl Answering: I just released a compilation album called Femme Frequency! Femme Frequency was inspired by 5 female artists and producers coming together and exploring the topic of darkness to light to process through what had been happening in the world during 2020 and 2021 when the pandemic was in full force. The female artists:Tess Posner, Lil MC, Sadie Belica of The Waking Point, and Meghan Pulles along with Produced by a Girl (aka Mary Knoblock Founder & CEO of Produced by a Girl), decided on the name Femme Frequeny as it reflects the power of female creators and their unique frequency they bring to music, soundwriting and production. Produced by a Girl sponsored the compilation album alongside The Stachehaus, & KMG, and is honored to be surrounded by incredibly talented females in the music industry. Their talent shines on the album and brings renewal and light to a world that needs healing and equality, and strength. I'd love to feature the female producers in this album; Sadie Belica and Produced by a Girl.

How did you get started in the music production world? Sadie Belica of The Waking Point Answering: While I was studying recording and vocal performance at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood I started to sort of pre-produce some of my original songs, receiving some one on one mentoring at MI. I told all my teachers I was looking for someone good to produce the EP, but I had one teacher listen to the songs and tell me that I should produce them myself. He told me that you could hire any number of professional guitar players or audio engineers but he emphasized to me that it would lose some magic if I turned over the reigns completely. He said that only you know your song and no one else is going to play or arrange it like you can. He emphasized it would be a lot of hard work, but it was so great to have someone believing in me from the beginning. Produced by a Girl Answering: I studied music when I was younger, and found electronic music really interesting and started producing my own music. Then I was invited into the music industry to produce music and underwent A&R development with Andre Williams. He and his team helped me develop my producer skills. I had self produced 13 albums prior to getting more involved in the music industry as a Producer and starting Produced by a Girl. Is there a producer or production team that inspires you? Sadie Belica of The Waking Point Answering: I really admire Dan Auerbach’s projects. He has such a unique approach to arrangement, mixtures of sound and panning. Sylvia Massy is also someone I idolize for her unbelievable work in a male dominated industry. I’m also kind of obsessed with Hans Zimmer, and could spend hours on YouTube watching the making of the Interstellar soundtrack. Produced by a Girl Answering: I looked up to Grimes as a producer when I was just starting my music career. Later on, all the female producers in Produced by a Girl community totally inspire me every day. How do you personally approach the song production process? Sadie Belica of The Waking Point Answering: The production starts around the same time as writing, once I have a riff on the acoustic I start engineering all the parts and experiment with different effects in Logic. The production helps me write the song, I can hear what it needs and where the song is going. A new experience for me was a few weeks ago we started working on Alex’s confessional rock song, and we spent hours and hours in my studio trying different sounds and effects, and figuring out the structure. I can’t wait for everyone to hear all the weird melodic sounds we added. Produced by a Girl Answering: I like to start with a beat first. Then I layer in all the other instrumentals, and approach the production process like composing a symphony. Electronic music is by far my favorite type of music to produce. Do you have any advice for artists who are just starting to dip their toes into production? Sadie Belica of The Waking Point Answering: I do not consider myself a techie by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s like anything you can learn, just like an instrument it takes practice. The best part about music production is if you want to learn there are endless videos and free tutorials online, you don’t really need to go to music school if you can self motivate. Produced by a Girl Answering: Join a female producer community online like Produced by a Girl :) ! Meet other female producers and learn from them. Also, YouTube has a lot of free tutorials on music production. Challenge yourself to learn the different DAWs. Don't limit yourself to just one. And be brave with experimenting with sound. You don't have to know everything to start to produce music, just a desire to compose a song. And if you love working with vocals, then collaborate with other female artists! So many opportunities. Go for it!

Any projects coming up you want us to be on the lookout for? Sadie Belica of The Waking Point Answering: My band is releasing our first album “The Enemy of Love” later this year. The album will be experimental rock, taking the sound of mainstream grunge and adding our own dramatic, diverse sonic qualities and feminine harmonies. Produced by a Girl Answering: I'll be releasing a winter album and continuing the compilation album series at PBG so stay tuned for calls to artists and producers! Please let everyone know where to find you and your music! Sadie Belica of The Waking Point Answering: Follow our musical journey on Spotify: And Instagram: Produced by a Girl Answering: TikTok, IG. FB, Twitter, Clubhouse @producedbyagirl Email: Website:

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