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This Billboard chart topping artist Kim Cameron is not only a maven in music but has exciting news about releasing her film 'Seaper Powers' on the BIG screen!

What is a project you are giving all your love to right now?

All my love…well, 85% of it is going to my Seaper Powers The Movie Project, which I am happy to report, has come to a landing! We are now beginning to look at how and whom we use to distribute the final movie to. This will most likely be both a theatrical and streaming viewing. It was a 4 year labor of love!

What is the best way to stay pumped about a project you've worked on for some time?

When a project crosses over a year, it’s imperative that you keep the enthusiasm. If you don’t, you end up accepting things, that normally you would send back for revision. I really had to make sure I did not fall into that category. And, in 4 years, that is a hard task! Who do you attribute your success as an artist to?

My friends. They have always been very supportive of everything I do. When I needed that shoulder, they were there. And, believe me, there are so many ups and downs, you have to have those shoulders to lean on! Tell us a cause that is close to your heart?

I have two that I am a big fan of; one Guitars Over Guns, whom I have been a mentor for over the course of 6 years. They target those at risk students and try to influence their after school activities by introducing music and music making into their lives. The other is our Veterans. I had the privilege of touring 12 VA hospitals years ago, and it touched me so deeply. They will always be number one in my heart. What are you looking forward to personally this year?

Releasing my film on the big screen! Actually, our first private screening will be in Miami on April 2nd! It will be in this open-air art gallery called Wyn317! I am super excited! Give us all the information on where to look up all your projects!

Oh, please come to my websites: ! All my socials are right on my website as well. Socials to socialize with your fans please!

My two favorite: and

For Press Inquiries:

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