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Constanza Herrero is an Australian/Chilean singer, songwriter and actress, and award winner. Writing and singing in English and Spanish, Constanza is passionate about using her music as an instrument to encourage those facing adversity, by addressing personal experiences as well as society issues that she finds the need to express. Her music fuses pop, folk, jazz and Latin music, contributing a fresh sound to the music scene with her latest single Gray Hair.

Are you excited about releasing your latest single Gray Hair?

I wrote this song 2 years ago so I am so excited to finally release it!

How did the lyrics come about?

I was very anxious and overwhelmed, feeling stuck in a place where I thought I could never move forward from. I was fearful about seeing the years passing by and not yet accomplishing the things I wanted and not yet becoming the person I wanted to see in the mirror. In the lyrics I wanted to write some of the lies and the truths that I was listening to. I wrote this hoping to encourage the hearts of the listeners as I know we all struggle with anxiety in different levels and forms.

Was it a difficult writing process?

It came up very naturally. I felt very relieved to put into words and melodies what was happening within me.

What is your style when writing new music?

I do not have a particular style but my songs usually start with a bunch of thoughts written on my journal or phone notes and a few melodic ideas recorded on my phone. Then I pick either the guitar or piano to elaborate more on the initial ideas and develop the songs from there.

What was the foundation of this single?

That we can’t run away from our fears no matter in which stage we are in life but we can choose what to do with them.

What do you want fans to get from the single Gray Hair the MOST?

To know that they are not alone battling with fears and that there’s always hope when we live by the truth and not by lies.

Could you leave us with your favorite lyrics to Gray Hair?

“….But you’ve got all you need, fix your eyes on the unseen…”

I need to remind myself each day.

Where do you connect most with your fans?

Through my instagram @ConstanzaHerrero and by email


Listen to Gray Hair:

Smart link:


Youtube Video:

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