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Sugar Nap is taking us through a deep dive of his music lyrically. From songs written and heard to songs waiting to be heard but already written. Enjoy this music voyage!

How are you feeling about your work lyrically?

Lyrically I sometimes love my work and sometimes hate it, usually only hating my own when I’m reading lyrics from some of my favorite songwriters. Then again, sometimes I read my own and am impressed. Either way, it’s silly to compare myself to others so I’m generally feeling good about my work!

Do you feel a push or a pull when it comes to writing right now?

Right now I’ve been overhauling my whole studio so all the new gear is really inspiring. There are lots of ideas coming out of me right now that I hope to see materialized into new songs. Definitely feeling “pulled” into some beautiful creative territory.

Are all your writing sessions collaborative or do you go off on your own as well. Do you have a preference?

Most of my writing sessions are independent, though I really enjoy my collaborative writing sessions. I might prefer the collaborative sessions slightly, but it just so heavily depends. I get more personal stuff when it’s just me, naturally, and there is a bit more control over the lyrics which can be nice. Both have their place though. I really enjoy working with others. It often can be a conduit to lyrics neither of us knew we could pull out of ourselves.

Do you ever compare the work you bring to the table? How does that benefit or distract from your common goal of making great music?

Yes I compare my works fairly often. It is more of a distraction than a benefit for the most part. One of my good friends always tells me “it’s a river, not a pie” and I try to live by that quote. For me that means that my creative work always keeps flowing, and to focus on only one part that is pooling up takes me away from the miles of flowing creativity ahead of me.

What are your favorite lyrics off your EP 'Sugar Nap'?

Some of my favorite lyrics from the EP came from ‘When She Comes’ and ‘Going Nowhere’. I thought I painted a really cool story with ‘When She Comes’ and definitely evoked a strong emotion in myself. “Skip the bar with me, let’s get some cheap beer and go down to the beach, I’ve got a joint in my pocket if you can reach, we can talk about the places we won’t go, and the things about each other we won’t know”. It’s easy and simple and cute in my opinion. That whole song is sort of this flirty tease back and forth in a new relationship.

‘Going Nowhere’ was much more philosophical. It was important for me to share a point of view, but then address that I don’t necessarily have it figured out either, it’s all just my own perception. “I’m old, no, I’m young but I feel like I’m strung up on the days that betray my display of vision, driven rhythm, fiction, all that I see is All these people going nowhere fast, take your time but don’t let it pass.”

I also really liked the lyrics in ‘Slow Motion.’ It was all sung quite fast and I had to retake the vocals so many times to get all the words out. It probably sounds like it doesn’t make sense for some people, but almost every lyric in that song was a metaphor for something. One of my favorite lines from that one is ‘I’m a man, this a test, I’m in love, I’m undressed, cardiac arrest with my bulletproof vest in my Sunday best, Wild West, feeling like an unwelcome guest, but I’m blessed.”

Is there anything off the table when it comes to bringing yourself into your music?

I wouldn’t say there is much left off the table when it comes to bringing myself into my music. As far as getting into a writing mood, I’ve gone as far as to turn on four different radios, write down the words I can pick out on small separate pieces of paper and then mix them all up to form different phrases that inspire more lyrics and ideas.

Leave us on a high note! And share some good news!

I’m very excited about my upcoming single, ‘Harms’, available everywhere February 18th [2022]. It has some of my favorite lyrics to date and some wonderful production. Very dreamy sounding! You can stream ‘Harms’ [on February 18], as well as the ‘Sugar Nap’ EP on all major music streaming platforms and my website. I’m on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Tidal, Spotify and more. Definitely follow all the socials because I post different exclusive content on different platforms like behind the scenes recording, acoustic covers, and more. You can find all of the links below on my LinkTree!

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