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Singer/ Songwriter Nita Chawla's 'Cross the Line' is streaming NOW!

Talk to us about your latest single!

Cross The Line is a song about letting go of the walls between each other and finding a way to connect. I wrote it in 2019 with my friend Sirsa Shekim. At the time I was actually feeling very guarded with some friends who weren't quite as loyal or as close as I thought. So it's ironic that I wrote it then because I wasn't feeling very open-hearted myself. But it's as if these songs come in for my own healing first. It reminded me to forgive, stay open-hearted and see the best in people. Even if we don't agree, the least we can do is listen to each other.

Lyrics first or the music?

Usually it's music first for me!

When did you know the song was done?

So Sirsa and I completed the song probably within a week or so. We got together in person and then we kept sending voice memos to each other after that. It got to a point where we tried to fit other words in, but it sounded like we were overdoing it, so we just let it be simple!

Is it hard to let go of your work when you do finally finish?

No, I'm usually pretty happy when I finish a song because then I can put it out into the world! However I do find it difficult to get in the zone to write a new song after I've just written one that I really like. I just need some time in between songs.

What is the thing you get most nervous about when releasing new music?

I always get nervous that people just won't really react to it. I think what's worse than people criticizing your music is not really having any reaction to it at all. But at the same time, it doesn't really stop me from releasing music because I always end up writing something new that I want to share! The writing process is really the most exciting part of making music for me.

How can our audience go and listen to 'Cross The Line'?

They can listen to "Cross The Line" on Spotify, Apple, itunes, Amazon, Deezer, and IHeart Radio:

And there's a music video as well on Youtube:

Socials too please!

You can follow me and/or find me music here. Thanks so much Love in the Lyrics for having me!

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