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Just sit back and take in the joy of this interview with the impeccable Singer/ Songwriters Corri English and Elizabeth Lyons who talk ALL about their latest collaboration "Feelin' Like Christmas", how Christmas will look for them this year and how they hope the holiday song will be healing beyond the season!

We are STOKED for "Feelin' Like Christmas" and you BOTH are bringing that holiday energy which we LOVE!!! We want to hear how you’re ending your holiday season?! Any new projects coming up?!

CORRI: Yay!!! Love hearing that! I’ll be wrapping up the holidays with some virtual shows, and my family! We’re keeping it small this year, for obvious reasons, but we’ll hang out, eat too much, and soak up the kiddos faces on Christmas morning… the BEST!! I have some more music teed up for 2021 that I’m very excited about, but my biggest post-holiday project (which I’ve been working hard on for about 8 months :) is a new addition to our family!!

ELIZABETH: I'm ending my holiday season with some virtual shows promoting my new singles "Feelin Like Christmas" and "Prove It" and getting back some new music I recorded! I've been in the studio recording my first full length album and I'm obsessed with the production of these songs! It's one of the coolest feelings to hear a song that you wrote come to life in the studio. I will be going home for the holidays and my family is keeping it just us! We will continue our Christmas traditions of decorating cookies, gingerbread houses and watching home videos on Christmas Eve. I will miss going to my Grandma's house and church on Christmas Eve but we will be making the most of it via livestream and zoom!

Would you consider yourself someone with a strict routine that you have to have in order to create new music?

CORRI: I wouldn’t call myself strict, at all! In fact, I find that I have to be the opposite! Writing and production sessions can be any time of day or evening, so when I first started writing all the time, I realized I had to be ready to be creative when time and schedules allowed! That might be 10am or 6pm… and I find that the more time has passed, and the more I’ve had the opportunity to flex the creative muscles regularly, the easier that is!

ELIZABETH: Yes! I make a to-do list everyday and super routine oriented! I typically come up with song ideas randomly and try my best to write and sing into my phone so when I have a co-write I'm able to show them my ideas and flesh them out. Then I plan out how I want it to sound and what the video will look like in my head when writing a song! When I decide to record something I make a playlist and write down the songs that I want it to sound like or certain parts or instruments of songs that I want it to sound similar to!

What do you want people to appreciate about this holiday single?!

CORRI: Our main goal when writing this song was to grab onto the feel-good vibe that the holidays bring, and create something that would a)make listeners want to sing along and b) make them feel HAPPY. We wrote the song pre-pandemic, and had no idea how important that would become this year… so if we can give people a 3-minute escape from the heaviness of 2020, we’ve achieved our goal! It’s been amazing to see so many people sharing videos of jamming to our song while putting up decorations and SMILING!!

ELIZABETH: In a year like 2020 - family and friends, escaping from reality, and drinking plenty of wine, have been themes for maintaining sanity! Capturing the relaxed, happy vibe that was in the room that day, and sharing it each time the song is played. Our hope is that each time someone sings along, it'll be one more moment that keeps it “FEELIN LIKE CHRISTMAS” all year.

What was your favorite part about collaborating with each other!?

CORRI: My favorite thing about this collab is how effortless and fun it’s been, throughout the entire process. When we wrote the song, Elizabeth and I had never met in person, but I knew I loved her positive energy, and had a feeling it was gonna go well. I called my good friend Danny Myrick, and the three of us hung out amid a bunch of Christmas decorations (of course we had to rock some Santa beards ;), drank some really good wine (DAOU - so good), and just tossed around ideas and shared some of our fave holiday moments and traditions. AND we ended the day with 2 songs that we loved. I’ll take that kinda day’s work any time! We recently got to reunite for a live acoustic performance of the song - which was also such a blast!

ELIZABETH: “Feelin' Like Christmas” was written by myself, Corri English, and Danny Myrick, we were brought together through a partnership with DAOU Vineyards and BMI. The song was born of time spent with the writers hanging out, drinking some good wine, and reflecting on the things for which they’re most grateful. The result was an up-tempo, singalong-able song that pays homage to "It's a Wonderful Life" - the perfect reference for finding a new perspective amidst the (seemingly) worst of times. Not to mention that getting to Christmas means we are THIS close to the end of a crazy year - that alone seemed reason enough for a feel-good song celebrating the good stuff!

We are obsessed with you both! Can you tell us where our audience can listen to "Feelin' Like Christmas" and follow you both on upcoming music!?

CORRI: THANK YOU!!! We so appreciate you sharing our tune and our story!! You can find “Feelin’ Like Christmas” anywhere you get your music! Here’s a link that will direct you to all the major platforms: And I have all my news and links on my website: I’m most active on Instagram, so come say hi!! http// Wishing you all a fantastic holiday season!!

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