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Singer/ Songwriter Patricia shares with us where she connects with herself and her fans!

Where can fans listen to all your music right now?

During digital live music streams - on Instagram - PatriciaPatriseMusic, Facebook - PatriciaPatrise, Youtube - PatriciaPatrise. Do you come up with the lyrics first or the music? Sometimes with the lyrics, sometimes with the music. Where is the place you most love to connect with yourself? My homespace. Where is the place you most love to connect with fans? Live concerts. What is the journey like when creating a song? Adventurous and reflective. Give us your favorite verse from your latest single! Why is it your favorite? From ''Aristotle'' single: "Virtues acquired for acting temperately, Should be a practice of yours. For various real life contexts, To make your character stronger". It is my favorite, because I'm connected to this philosopher. Let's stay connected! Give us all your socials! Instagram: Facebook: (2) Patricia | Facebook Youtube: Spotify: Bandcamp: Soundcloud:

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