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Catching up with Off Wing!

Hello Off Wing! Thank you for chatting with me today!

Howdy! Thanks for having us.

Tell us about your latest release!

Our latest release is a single called "Sodium." It's a surfy garage song with a lot of energy and we are stoked on all the feedback so far.

When you all are in your writing, what would you say signals to you that a song is ready for you all to record?

Honestly, we pretty much write as we go; we'll start recording what we have, and then continue to build from there. This kind of style really allows us to let our ideas flow and create some authentic music - and if there's something we don't like, we can always just take it out later.

In addition to that, what attributes would you say, in your opinion, makes a strong song or piece of work?

It can really be anything - as long as it's a bona fide expression of a feeling/emotion/experience - and not just lyrically, but musically too.

Who are some artists who you have been listening to a lot lately? Funny enough, it's mostly the artists we're covering on our setlists - like Green Day, Ramones, blink-182. What do you hope to see in the music world as the industry continues to evolve? We really like the traditional stuff honestly - maybe we're old fashioned, but maybe not - it seems like CDs, Vinyl, impromptu live performances, and the passion for Rock n Roll are all making a big comeback, and we're psyched to see that because it's all we want in the music world.

Any projects coming up you want to talk about?We're releasing another single on Friday, July 30th - the 2nd one from our sophomore LP, which will also be coming out in the next few months. We're also doing a Direct-to-Vinyl live session with Leesta Vall Recordings in Brooklyn, for anyone that wants to pre-order a 7" vinyl record! Please let everyone know how they can keep up with you and your music!You can listen to our music wherever you typically do (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Amazon, etc.). Please give us a follow on Instagram @offwingband - and if you'd really like to support us, head over to our Bandcamp ( to purchase digital/physical copies of our music, as well as some cool merch! Thank you!

Thank you!

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