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Catching Up With Natasha Jane Julian!

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

We can't wait to hear your new song!

Hi Natasha! Thank you for chatting with me today! Thank you for having me! Let's talk first about your upcoming release, 'I Love U Paris'! What was the inspiration for it?

Well, I first fell in love with Paris when I flew there from L.A. about 16 years ago when my husband was racing at Le mans. But when I lived in the south of France for 3 years, I used to take the train into Paris all the time. It’s such special city! I love how the minute you arrive you feel like you’re in another world. It’s soo different than America. The language of course, but the city itself has a magical feel! I would love to have an apartment there one day.

What does your creative process look like when you start working on a new song or project?

It’s always different. Sometimes songs just come to me and the words just fall out on my lap, and it feels like the song already exists. Sometimes I sit down and play with chords I really love until a melody starts to form from the feeling I’m getting with the chords.

Who are some of your biggest music influences?

Some of my greatest influences are Whitney Houston, Carol King, Coldplay, Christina Perri, Sia & Lana Del Rey.

Are there any movies, shows, books, etc that you have been enjoying lately?

I recently watched Emily in Paris funny enough, and I kept thinking I Love U Paris would be a great sound track to it! Ha. Also a few months ago I was loving the show Dead to Me with Christina Applegate.

Is there a piece of advice that you always carry with you that you would like to share with our readers?

Yes just recently I saw a quote that said “You are allowed to be both a Masterpiece and work in progress simultaneously.” This is beautiful because you realise we are always learning and growing. We’ll aways be. So who you are today doesn’t define what you’re capable of.

Please let everyone know where they can find you and your music!

Yes!! You can find me at… Thank you for your time! No, thank you!!!

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