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Alyssa Walker Releases New Song, 'Run'!

The song 'Run' by Alyssa Walker is a catchy pop tune that features an acoustic guitar and bass to sync with the melody of the chorus, making this song more than your average pop hit.

The musicality of the hook and the harmony of the guitar provides adds to the charm of the tune and makes it easy for listeners to get into the groove and enjoy themselves.

‘Run’ is about standing up for someone you care about. It's hard to watch someone you love be in an unhealthy relationship, especially if they are unwilling to realize that what they are doing is unhealthy.

The meaning goes deeper than that though. It is about being willing to accept someone for who they are and helping them to be strong enough to stand on their own. Even when the person or the situation they are in may do them harm.

Stream 'Run' and keep with Alyssa on her Instagram!

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