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Ali Henderson takes us through her latest single Emotional Vampire.

How excited are YOU about Emotional Vampire?? Ali: So excited!! It feels so good to have this little baby out in the world! I’m so excited to play it live soon! How did the lyrics come about? Ali: A very real situation. There was a person in my life who drained my emotional energy so I took this concept of an “emotional vampire” into the session and got all my angst out! It was kind of just word vomit, honestly. Was it a difficult process writing Emotional Vampire? Ali: No because all the pieces were there. I think every writer in the room knew what to say, it was just a matter of finding how to say it in a fun, sassy, dramatic way. All of us (the writers)had experienced a person who sucked the joy out of us, so this was a fun one to write for sure. What is your style when writing new music? Ali: If I’m writing for my artist project I come in very inspired, usually with a title or an idea and I’ll talk through it with my co-writers and producer. If it sticks and we want to chase that idea, we just keep building on it with music and lyrics. What was the foundation of this single? Ali: The foundation of this single is the storyline. Hands down. How can fans get a look inside your world? Ali: My Instagram! I post so often... especially on my stories. I try to post demos/sessions/etc. Could you leave us with your favorite lyrics from Emotional Vampire? Ali: “Don’t wanna take it there, but I’m a hostage... you make me nauseous (*bleh*)” Where do you connect most with your fans? Ali:ON STAGE!!!! COME SING AND DANCE WITH ME!!! Link page:

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