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Max Muscato is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer and philanthropist. As a rock artist he brings electrifying performances to every show. Over the last several years Max has gained an extensive following and has toured and opened for: Citizen Cope, Theory of a Deadman, Aaron Carter, Finger Eleven, Eric Gales, Ripe and more. He is currently working on his next singles Valarie and Toxic & Poison due out in 2022. In addition to his music career, Max is also the founder of Rock Autism Music Festival and the creator/writer of the new TV show “Setlist.” The show is the truest depiction of their family dynamic while revealing the grind it takes to make it in the music industry. Max's powerful songs written about his brother's struggle with Autism and addiction is a deep-rooted catalyst that drives his passion and career. Proceeds from his festival fund Rock Autism programs for individuals with Autism, connecting them to a career in music and film.

Music Credits:

Max Muscato: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard

Marc Muscato: Drums

Mixing Engineer: Max Muscato

Mastering Engineer: Gentry Studer

Titled Track:

Max Muscato: Valarie

Explain in depth of how you went about your latest track?

I've been working on this track for several years now. It first started by just noodling on the guitar and trying to figure out the structure/composition. Once I was happy with the parts I moved on to the melodies. Luckily, the chorus was the first part of the song that came together where I realized "ok I have something here!" Unfortunately, the verses were difficult for me to construct and workout so I did what I normally do and took my time. When I felt the song was overworked I'd put it down for a bit then come back to it with a fresh mind. 5 years later I was able to find the perfect blend of lyrics, melodies, musical parts and Valarie was born.

The titled track holds some heart for you. How did you discover that?

I discovered the title track to my latest single Valarie in a unique way. Valarie has always been one of my favorite names. When I was kid one of my favorite movies was a Disney classic Brink! The antagonist was named Val and for some reason I loved that character so the name always stuck with me. Interestingly enough, the song is about a girl that knocks every guy's socks off so it's kind of funny how the two worlds collided for me. There may or may not be a real life Valarie, but I'm sure many people have this feeling.

How far deep do you reach emotionally while creating your music?

When I'm creating my music I tend to reach very deep emotionally. Interestingly enough, I don't write much about myself but instead I write about my autistic brother Sonny Muscato. He's my inspiration having gone through a rough life with addiction, incarceration, physical abuse, mental abuse and being shot by a drunk corrections officer. His struggle and perseverance over adversity has been my main inspiration.

Did you want to take your time when making this music or did you just want to get it out NOW?

For the release of my latest single, I really took my time. I wanted to make sure that what I was putting out was something that I could be proud of. Something that when I'm driving I could blast with the windows wide open and not care what people thought but at the same time would grab their attention and want to know what song that was.

Who is responsible for making this music happen overall?

The person responsible for making all this happen is not a person, it's more a team. Although I do all the creating, I owe everything to my team which includes my manager, tour manager, board members of my nonprofit organization Rock Autism and my family; without whom, I wouldn't be here today. It's because of them I'm able to focus on the music and the end goal.

What is the turning point for you when it's time to perform this music LIVE?

The turning point for me when it's time to perform this music live is the very second I know that this is a hit. It needs to be heard by people and they deserve a true rock show!

Turn on the sound and let's get LOUD! Where can fans listen to your music and maybe get LIVE sounds from you! We know they want to jam out with you LIVE too!

Social Links:

Spotify: FB: IG: Youtube: Apple Music: Tiktok: @maxmuscatoooo Website & Touring Info:

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