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Nashville based artist Valid Point on his writing style and process.

How did the lyrics come about?

I was hanging out with Cade and had a different direction for the song in general. I was actually about to scrap the song, but then Autrey came over and we bounced ideas around. She actually came up with the hook and we built the rest of the song from there. Was it a difficult writing process? It was difficult for me because I was basically over the song in the first place. It was not hard to write with Autrey. She’s super cool to work with, but she was intimidating because of how talented she is. What is your style when writing new music? I don’t write anything down anymore. I freestyle melodies and if I like it I start fitting lyrics in. What was the foundation of this single? We wanted to do a song that showed multiple sides of a relationship story. We ran with it. How can fans get a look inside your world? They can follow me on Instagram (@validpointmusic). I post behind the scenes music stuff and tell stupid jokes or make fun of things. It’s really insightful stuff. Could you leave us with your favorite lyrics you've ever written? “Cigarettes” with matty beats. Easily my favorite song lyric wise. I went super deep and talked about being an idiot and going to jail and whatnot. My favorite line is either the hook “Cigarettes on my breath while I sweat out last nights decisions” Or “24, I’m sitting in a cop car Rock bottom but I thought I was a rockstar” Crazy to think at the time that I was a badass. Where do you connect most with your fans? Instagram!

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