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We chatted with the BRILLIANT band Water Tower and got deep about writing, a new endeavor and the cycle of life that is giving us LIFE when it comes to creativity!

Hello Water Tower!! You're a really rad band! We need to hear about what is inspiring your music right NOW and any projects that you're working on that's getting you excited for 2021!

Awwww thank you! You are a really rad group of humans! Our current inspiration for music is the drive to improve. We as a band thrive on getting better. We are inspired by new knowledge. The biggest inspiration for me as a human is belief in my next breath. It sounds very new age "woo woo" I know, but I had spent a lot of my life not truly understanding how to breathe efficiently. Music is the vehicle that I ride to breathe me to the stunning depths of relaxation. There are so many exciting projects that we are excited about, but currently we are most excited about the rapid growth of our brand new blog, Alternative Grass ( This blog has helped us meet SO many new artists in such a short time.

What’s the best part of being a creative?

The best part of being in touch with my own creativity is that it is a cycle of life. My own ideas end up influencing those who I am inspired by, and in turn inspiring me once again. This is my favorite part of being creative. The connection with other humans, especially the ones who strive to improve.

What has been the most deeply personal song you’ve written?

Funny you mention that because I had never intended to write deeply personal songs that were to be shared. Water Tower music and lyrics are generally written in "code" with symbolism and E.E. Cummings (poet) in mind. There is a song I wrote that was never intended to be released because it is so personal lyrically, but last week I decided it is time to share. Here it is:

When writing new music, do you focus more on the lyrics or the music behind the lyrics?

I usually start with the feeling of the music, and then I wait until words start to fill me up inside. I never "force" anything while I write. I just wait. If I am centered and breathing, I can hear the music and lyrics coming right out the middle of myself. Same thing goes for when we write in the group setting. It usually is a circle of smiling people all aiming instruments at each other.

You're really inspiring Water Tower! Where can our readers go to follow you and all that you have going on because you deserve all the support!!

THANK YOU : ) we really appreciate getting to spend this time with you.






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