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Lizzie Thomas is not only a maven in music but making moves with her latest candle collection!

How are you feeling about your work lyrically? My lyrical content is a reflection of what I’m hearing. I take time to listen to what is being said collectively within the universe and then bring that to my lyrics. There will always be a bit of personal journey in my lyrics as well, as it is hard to separate between the two. I find that when it’s less about me and more powerful the song becomes. Do you feel a push or a pull when it comes to writing right now? I’m not a sit down and write a complete song kind of person. My songs tend to evolve. I’ll record lots of ideas and then walk away. I revisit them and begin to work on what is flowing the best. The lyrics generally come when I'm away from the piano and then draw me back to the musical writing. I write the music on the piano and find the expression of the song. It is a lengthy process for me, one of discipline & determination. Sharing the process has been fun on my socials. Are all your writing sessions collaborative or do you go off on your own as well. Do you have a preference? When it comes to my songwriting, none of my writing sessions are collaborative. Speaking purely of jazz arrangements and the delivery of a standard, this is developed both ways. I’ll have an idea and share with my pianist and then we will build the arrangement together. I love working collaboratively when deciding rhythmic feel, tempo and overall delivery of a tune. Do you ever compare the work you bring to the table? How does that benefit or distract from your common goal of making great music? I think educating yourself on what is current and what your mentors are doing is important, yet when it comes to creativity, we all have our own voices and ways to communicate. Finding your most authentic voice is the hardest thing to do. Many never achieve this. That is always my goal. What are your favorite lyrics of yours right now? “I’m alive, I'm magnificent, I survive, I can hold my head up high. I believe in everything, the healing songs I sing, we’ve been here before.” Is there anything off the table when it comes to bringing yourselves into your music? No. Now let's talk about another love of yours! Your candle line that is out now! Give us all the details on each candle! I created 3 candles . Each has very specific scents, take a peek below at how scrumptious they are! Evening Jazz has restorative benefits for the mind & mood. Created by Lizzie, this curated scent of clove, cinnamon and palo santo has anti-inflammatory properties to provide healing while feeling centered and focused. *Pair with the provocative sounds of Miles Davis, Kurt Elling, Thelonius Monk, Ella Fitzgerald, Chick Corea, Wes Montgomery, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday. Jazz This will increase feelings of peace and enhance sensuality. Created by Lizzie, this curated scent of blood orange, ylang ylang, anise, and sandalwood will uplift and stimulate you! Ease nervous tension and promote a happy mood. *Pair with the sounds of Charlie Parker, Nina Simone, Red Garland, Herbie Hancock, Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Mingus, Nina Simone. Morning Jazz will awaken your senses and focus your energy. Created by Lizzie, this curated scent of spearmint eucalyptus, jasmine and cedarwood will provoke you to greatness! *Pair with the cool stimulating sounds of Duke Ellington, Benny Green, Lester Young, Blossom Dearie, Chet Baker, Louis Armstrong, Lizzie Thomas, Freddie Hubbard. What made you start this venture? The Jazz Diva Collection celebrates, and honors the women in Jazz. I personally wanted to not only sing and listen to this great American music, but I wanted to surround myself with Jazz. These women are my heroes. They sang their hearts out in the midst of great inequality. They are the essence of JAZZ. Where can fans purchase the candles? My IG shop @LizzietheJazzSinger and Etsy. Leave us on a high note! I’m recording my 5th album in the new year! I think this will be my most vulnerable work yet. DUO Encounters is an album with 12 exciting musicians on the NYC scene joining Lizzie in the duo setting. With Grammy nominated producer John Di Martino, songs will be brought to life with her vocal and the following instruments. Piano, double bass, percussion, cello, bandoneon, and guitar. Lizzie will work side by side with All-Star instrumentalists Russell Malone, Ron Carter, John Di Martino, Guilherme Monteiro, Rossano Sportiello, Dezron Douglas, and many others. "This album was birthed as soon as I came out of covid lockdown when I could finally enter the same room and make music with one other musician. The intimacy of communication through song within the duo setting is thrilling. There is something so satisfying with simply two instruments. " Lizzie shares. "For DUO Encounters, I'm inviting uniquely great instrumentalists that each have their own style to engage in musical conversations. This album is about creating, and revealing the deepest parts of our musical expression." Socials PLEASE: IG @LizzietheJazzSinger FB @LizzietheJazzSinger YouTube Lizzie Thomas Listen to New Sound From the Jazz Age

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